"Aisling carries her father's sword - and her father's ghost - into battle."

Aisling is a playable Hero in GiganticAisling is a melee character that uses her father's sword. Cador ghost resides inside of the Sword.

Lore Edit

Lore letter Readings.

Aisling lore Excerpt From House Devaedra Letter Dear Alaurum, Master, your teachings are clear. Vengeful ghosts always haunt their killers, yet I have found an exception and the implications trouble me. A young warrior, Aisling, has been wandering the empire of late dressed in her father’s great coat and wielding his sword. Apparently her father was a military man of some renown. The ghost of Aisling’s father appears and fights at the girl’s side. The ghost is formidable, if you care about such things, but it’s haunting the girl, not the man’s killer. This shouldn’t be possible unless… Master… What if the ghost didn’t know who killed him?

House Melkior, Transcribed By Evan Songbird
Governess Quindra, It seems odd to say but my impression of Aisling is she wasn’t flighty enough. So often the girls in my care are always sketching in their notebooks, doing cartwheels on the green, and humming ballads when they should be conjugating verbs. Not Aisling though, she was very serious, very determined. Such grim children are generally rather dull, I find, but Aisling was exceedingly clever, her test scores proved that. For whatever reason I often find she was hiding herself from all of us here at the academy. Her marks were very strong and she’d never had behavioral problems, but I don’t think any of us really got to know her. She seems to pass through her school year to year. Almost like a ghost, really.

House Tesserus Field Notes Surreptitious observation of ectoplasm matrix, Sir Cador, controlled by the human female Aisling. Observation occurred during real world battle conditions which accounts for the sparse data. Aisling has the ability to create moving ectoplasm matrix that she forms into the form of a human male knight. For further study: Why always the same shape? Is she limited due to mental trauma? She can move the exoplasm a significant distance away from her and make it appear and disappear seemingly at will. For further study: What is the power source? Can it be tapped for other purposes? The ectoplasm fights a wide array of enemies and seems to act and react independently. This is of course impossible. For further study: Is Aisling controlling each action of the ectoplasm consciously or subconsciously?

House Aurion Personal File Excerpt Sir Cador insisted on rejoining the column despite his wounds and indeed his troops were unaware of the extent of his injuries, only closed chamber testimony from a squire at the time, Javarius, revealed Sir Cador was unable to don his armor without assistance nor lift his arms above his shoulders. The battle of Redavia Fields was a resounding success with Cador’s soldiers smashing into the enemy flank and routing the entire left wing. Were it not for his decisive action Redavia would have been a bloody battle of attrition not a textbook example of elegant field strategy. Sir Cador’s personal heroics on that day are well known and the inspiration of ballads, but his absence was notable during the consecration of victory ceremony, his daughter had fallen ill and Cador made haste back to the capital.

House Karakesh Fencing Tournament, List Of Official Protests

Gavril: Expecting a man of my immense muscularity to match swords with a slip of a girl in an insult. I have not trained to fight children, and thus my loss should be expunged from the records. Hannorus: I did not witness any ghost emerging from the girl’s sword, but I must believe she obtained mystical aid in her so called victory. Tinoch: In future years council should adopt divisions based on the combatants age. Let the youth fight other youth I say. Karia: Please investigate the banquet staff. The morning after the feast I lost to a white haired girl half my size and I feared my mead was poisoned to dull my reactions. Rondel: I don’t care whose daughter she is, swordplay is for men of action, not unmarriageable girls. I am having my trophy re-engraved to replace the second place with the first place I deserve.

Skin Lore Edit

The Heir: “ASH-ln, not ICE-ling. It’s an old family name.”

Warm Memories: She remembered waking, still on her father’s lap, the big coat draped over her as a blanket.

Cold and Gray: It was a cold, Gray morning the last time Sir Cador rode off to war.

Eternal Master: A knight of Karakesh is taught to honor the Emperor above all. Chivalry is piety.

Noble Squire: “A knight’s bearing must be as powerful as her blade, squire.” -Sir Regius

Noble Page: Aisling convinced her uncle to let her serve Sir Berent for a time. He had been a friend of her father.

Fortune Card lore Edit

[ The Heir I ]

[ Common ] Aisling knew how dear the cost of defeat could be.

[ Rare ] Aisling was ever vigilant, watching for dangers on and off the battlefield.

[ Legendary ] Her father had been lost on the battlefield. His liege, the Grand Duke, was assassinated in his castle.

[ The Heir II ]

[ Common ] The ghost of Sir Cador accompanied her in battle, and she did her best to emulate his sword techniques.

[ Rare ] Others praised Aisling's achievements, but it was her father's approval that she desired.

[ Legendary ] No matter what she did, the ghost said nothing. The look in his eyes was hollow, focused only on battle.

[ The Heir III ]

[ Common ] Aisling was young, but she had faced more dangers than knights many times her age.

[ Rare ] Uncle Regius suggested gruffly that an aspiring knight must spend time as a squire.

[ Legendary ] Regius taught her well. His greatest lesson: There will always be more to learn.

[ The Heir IV ]

[ Common ] The brigands did not expect her to be so quick or so relentless.

[ Rare ] The lone girl was listless and mournful. Until they tried to take her sword.

[ Legendary ] It was only afterwards that Aisling realized Sir Cador really had emerged from the blade to fight by her side.

[ The Heir V ]

[ Common ] She had no fear. Aisling was never alone.

[ Rare ] Fighting alongside the ghost taught Aisling how teamwork could overcome power.

[ Legendary ] In time, Aisling learned to anticipate her living allies' movements as easily as the ghost's.

[ The Heir VI ]

[ Common ] Sir Cador once told her that a knight's aims must be grander than combat alone.

[ Rare ] A true knight may feel fear but must never be mastered by that fear.

[ Legendary ] With Cador by her side, Aisling knew she could face any danger, no matter how great.

[ The Heir VII ]

[ Common ] In her quiet moments, she was consumed with a single thought, a single word: Revenge.

[ Rare ] One by one, Aisling sought out her father's old companions. One of them must be the traitor.

[ Legendary ] There was no lone traitor. Cador's murder had been part of a larger conspiracy against the Grand Duke himself.





Upgrade Tier 1

Upgrade Tier 2


[LMB] Slash Melee attack combo.

Sir Cador deals double damage to enemies struck by this attack.

  • Father's Lessons - Deals +15% damage to foes recently struck by Sir Cador.
  • Spectral Wave - Sends out a projectile that pierces allies and enemies. No longer is a melee attack.
  • Father's Flame - Deal +60 more damage to burning enemies.
  • Father's Reproof - Weakens enemies on each hit. -5% stacking up to 5 times (-25%), 3s duration.
  • Spectral Might - Hitting allies grants +15% damage for 5s.
  • Spectral Defense - Hitting allies grants +20 armor for 5s.
Cador's Charge

Cador's Charge

[RMB] Cador's Charge Summon or direct Cador.

Cador has a 300 HP shield. (Absorbs 85% of incoming damage.)

  • Cador's Charge - Sir Cador gains +50% damage once every 7s.
  • Cador's Defense - Allies near Sir Cador gain +10 armor.
  • Fast Recharge - Sir Cador performs his attack more often. (once every 3s)
  • Burning Blade - Sir Cador inflicts burning. (40 dmg/s, 3s duration)
  • Cador's Might - Allies near Sir Cador deal +15% damage with basic attacks.
  • Cador's Restoration - Allies near Sir Cador heal 30 HP/s.
Cador's War Cry

Cador's War Cry

[Q] Cador's War Cry Cador slows enemies for 2s and INTERRUPTS nearby attacking enemies.
  • Chastise - Upon interrupting an attack, Sir Cador inflicts cripple. (3s)
  • Spectral Barrier - Sir Cador creates a projectile barrier for 3s, no longer interrupts.
  • Intimidation - Upon interrupting an attack, Sir Cador inflicts major weakness. (-50% damage, 3s duration)
  • Cry More - Upon interrupting an attack, Sir Cador's cooldown is reduced by 4s.
  • Spectral Armor - Allies inside the barrier have +20 armor.
  • Spectral Lens - Allies inside the barrier have 100% crit chance.
Into the Blade

Into the Blade

[E] Into the Blade Cador heals you for 100 HP and enters your sword (+10 armor, +attack speed).
  • Swift Return - Gain +20 stamina on use, and you can sprint while using this skill.
  • Shielding Presence - Gain a 300 HP shield for 4s.
  • Spirited Run - Gain +25% movement speed for 4s.
  • Ardent Blade - Gain +25% basic attack damage for 4s.
  • Aura of Healing - Heals you and nearby allies for 200 HP.
  • Pure of Spirit - You and nearby allies gain debuff immunity for 4s. (doesn't apply to focus ability CC, e.g. Sven ult, Voden ult)


[F] Terrify Enemies near you are launched, slowed, and weakened.
  • Ghostly Might - Your basic attacks deal +10% damage when Sir Cador is in the blade. Sir Cador deals +10% damage.
  • Skirmishing - Faster stamina regen out of combat. Out of combat starts 2s sooner. (5s instead of 7s)
  • En Garde - +20% front damage reduction while attacking.
  • Will to Power - +10% damage and +10% front damage reduction after using your focus ability. (lasts until you die)
  • Pure Escapism - Lose debuffs when you dodge. (once every 20s)
  • Hit and Run - +10% speed and +10 armor after using your focus ability. (lasts until you die)


Level 5 & Clash Effect

Command Performance

Sir Cador's damage bonus for attacking your target is 20% higher.
DURING CLASH: These attacks give you more focus.

Echoes from Beyond

[Q]: War Cry affects a larger area.
DURING CLASH: On use, Sir Cador gains 750 health.

Total Recall

[E]: 25% more healing.
DURING CLASH: 50% shorter cooldown if you are near an enemy. (Within 10m.)

Tips and TricksEdit


  • Aisling (Pronounced Ash-ling) is an old Irish name meaning "dream" or "vision".


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