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Patch changesEdit

August 15, 2017 Patch
    • Fixed a bug where Cador's Command could be cast while Focus-primed, interrupting the Focus attack.
    • Fixed a bug where using Terrify on an invalid target would place Aisling in her weakened state.

October 18, 2017 Patch

    • Aisling: Hollow Reclamation, Undone Rest, Dark Rites.

November 15, 2017 Patch

    • Aisling: Infernal Might.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Spectral Wave to not build crit chance.

Beta build patch changesEdit

November 3, 2016 Patch
“Aisling is a mobile hero who is very good at harassing enemies, and that's okay! A pet hero should have those attributes, but we also recognize that she's been able to act with too much impunity over the past few months. That, on the other hand, is bad. There are two major culprits we see for this:
  1. Sir Cador is able to dish out damage with arguably no risk.
  2. Aisling is able to deliver damage from afar with the ranged-attack upgrade, pectral Wave, for her primary attack.
To address these, we're making some changes which force her to commit to a fight in order to deal damage. Not only are we making Cador more reliant on Aisling when prioritizing and dealing damage to enemies, but we've made several adjustments to her skills and upgrades.”
    • Increased Aisling's armor when Cador is in the blade from 25 / 20 (front/back) to 30 / 20.
    • Reduced the projectile range of Aisling's Spectral Wave (LMB/RT) projectile from 12.5m to 10m, which now matches all other beam ranges.
    • Fixed a bug which prevented Cador from striking targets on raised terrain.
    “While we're waiting on the technology that will give Cador a persistent health pool, we've made a change to simulate that by rewarding players for attacking Cador even if they're unable to kill him.”
    • Reduced Sir Cador's base attack damage by 33%.
    • Cador will now only attack targets within 15 meters of Aisling.
    • Increased Cador's leash range from 1500 to 2000 units.
    • Cador now uses his distance from Aisling to determine when he should stop chasing and attacking a target.
    • Increased Sir Cador's attack damage when hitting the same target as Aisling by 33%. (As a result, Sir Cador now deals "triple damage" to enemies struck by Aisling's primary attack.)
    • Aisling's jump attack can now be triggered mid-combo.
    • Fixed a bug where jumping while out of stamina and with Cador in the blade would result in triggering her unpowered attacks.
    • Spectral Wave upgrade: Reduced damage dealt from 90 to 80 damage.
    • Spectral Might upgrade: Reduced damage bonus for allies from +25% to +15% damage.
    • Reduced the summon/command range of Cador's Command to match Aisling's projectile range, from 12 meters to 10 meters.
    • Cador's Charge upgrade: Reduced the amount of damage dealt by Cador's power attack from +100% damage to +50% damage
    • Burning Blade upgrade: Reduced the burning damage from 50 dmg/s to 40 dmg/s.
    • Fixed a rare bug where using Cador's Command would sometimes cause Cador to spawn and then fall through the world to his death.
    • Now increases the cooldown of the skill based on the health of Cador at the time he was recalled. The minimum cooldown is now 6 seconds, while the maximum cooldown is 12 seconds.
    • Removed the invisibility upgrade from the skill and replaced it with the Spirited Run upgrade.
    • Spirited Run upgrade: You can sprint when using this skill. Increased stamina gain to +20 stamina
    • The Skirmishing upgrade now gives +5 stamina regen while in combat instead of +10 stamina regen.
    • Ghostly Might upgrade: Fixed a bug where taking the upgrade would deal more than the intended +10% damage.
    Updated all skill specializations with Clash bonuses. These were all available in prior builds.
    • Command Performance specialization: Sir Cador deals an additional +20% damage when attacking Aisling's target. DURING THE CLASH: Sir Cador's attacks add more focus.
    • Echoes from Beyond specialization: Q/LB: War Cry affects a larger area. DURING THE CLASH: On use, Sir Cador gains 750 health.
    • Total Recall specialization: E/RB: 25% more healing from the skill. DURING THE CLASH: 50% shorter cooldown if an enemy is within 10 meters.

December 8, 2016 Patch

    • Fixed a bug which allowed Aisling to summon an infinite number of Sir Cador's.
    • Fixed a bug where Cador would not always disappear when Aisling was defeated.
    • Cador now dashes back to Aisling if he is outside of his leash range, as opposed to slowly meandering back to her.
    • Fixed a bug where Aisling was unable to summon Cador when using the skill while airborne.
    • Cador's War Cry skill: The base skill now slows enemies for 2 seconds, while interrupting enemies who are attacking.
    • NEW Chastise upgrade: If you interrupt an attack, Cador's War Cry cripples your enemy for 3 seconds.
    • NEW Intimidation upgrade: If you interrupt an attack, Cador's War Cry weakens (-50% damage) your enemy for 3 seconds.
    • NEW Cry More upgrade: If you interrupt an attack, the cooldown of Cador's War Cry's is reduced by 4 seconds.
    “Until we're able to implement a persistent health bar for Cador, we want attacking him to feel worthwhile in a way that is noticeable. As such, we increased the cooldown times based on his current health when he's recalled into the blade.”
    • Increased the cooldown for recalling Cador from 6-12 seconds to 8-14 seconds, based on his current health when recalled.
    • Swift Return upgrade: Now allows sprinting while using the skill.
    • Swift Return upgrade: Increased the amount of stamina provided by the skill from +10 to +20 stamina.
    • Swift Return upgrade: No longer increases your movement speed.
    • Spirited Run upgrade: Now provides +25% movement speed.
    • The Terrify skill now targets your location instead of Sir Cador's.

January 19, 2017 Patch

    • Fixed a bug where Aisling and Griselma would not drop health orbs, contribute to guardian shield, or extend a guardian's vulnerability timer when killed.
      • Reduced Aisling's base health from 1600 to 1500 hp.
      • Fixed a bug where more than one Cador could be spawned at a time. Please let us know if you see this issue again.
      • Increased the cooldown of the skill from 12 seconds to 14 seconds.

February 2, 2017 Patch

    • Implemented a potential fix to prevent Aisling from summoning more than one ghost dad. If you continue to experience this behavior, please try to include a video and any steps leading up to the bug so we can investigate a more permanent fix.
    • Ardent Blade upgrade: Fixed a bug where the upgrade would not provide the +25% damage bonus to Aisling's Slash skill.

February 23, 2017 Patch

    • Fixed a bug where Aisling and Griselma's focus would fail to fire if used on a pinned guardian.

June 21, 2017 Patch

    “We've adjusted several Hero skills to no longer place you in combat. These are largely passive skills which don't implicitly place you in combat, and which often have a practical use outside of combat. Here are the affected Heroes and skills.”
    • Aisling: Into The Blade (E/RB)
      • Fixed a bug where the Ghostly Might upgrade would not provide the +10% damage boost to Cador. Note that if Cador is outside of the blade, you will still need to recall and re-summon him for the upgrade to take effect.
      • Fixed a bug where attempting to summon a creature or collect a Power Orb would remove all Cador's Into the Blade buffs.
      • Fixed a bug where Cador would only move at about 63% of his intended movement speed.
      • When Cador is killed, he will now return to Aisling's blade and grant her the "Into the Blade" benefits, but will also stun her briefly. All of Aisling's secondary skills will still be placed on cooldown.
    • LMB/RT // SLASH
      • Adjusted the skill description of Slash to correctly indicate that Cador will deal triple damage to targets recently struck by Aisling.
      • Ghostly Might upgrade: Fixed a bug where the Ghostly Might upgrade would not properly increase Spectral Wave's damage by 10%.
      • Fixed a bug where the Command Performance specialization would reduce the damage dealt by Cador rather than increasing his damage.
      • Fixed a bug where Aisling could enter her "weakened" state without summoning Cador.
      • Fixed a bug where using Into the Blade at the moment of Cador's death would place the skill on a 32 second cooldown.
      • Fixed a bug where Aisling would gain 15 front armor and 10 armor on all other sides when Cador was in the blade, rather than the intended +10 armor on all sides.
      • Fixed a bug where Aisling could gain the Into the Blade benefits by cancelling out of the skill, and without recalling Cador.
    • F/LS+RS // TERRIFY
      • Terrify skill: Terrify can now be targeted within a 10m range. The affected area no longer increases in size with each tier. All other effects are the same.

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