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Beckett HeroShot

Tactical Shooter

"Fight or Flight? I'll take both! - Beckett"

Beckett is a playable Hero in Gigantic. The Tactical Shooter is a ranged hero, focusing on her fast and explosive approach to enemies.

Beckett is armed to the teeth with machine pistols, grenades, and even a cannon—and her one-of-a-kind jetpack ensures she'll live to fight another day.





Upgrade Tier 1

Upgrade Tier 2
Machine Pistols/Cannon
Fire your current weapon. Does not use ammo.
  • Heavy Weapons - More ammo for machine pistols. (+12)
  • Sharp Shooter - When fired in bursts (5 shots): machine pistols have no spread and deal bonus damage. (+15%)
  • Close Quarters - Machine pistols deal increases damage at close range. (10
  • Assault Weapons - Machine Pistols use much less stamina, and you move forward faster while shooting.
  • Painfully Accurate - Burst fired shots build crit chance dramatically faster.
  • Tactical Shooter - Machine pistols shots deal extra damage from the back. (+20%)
Throw an explosive grenade. Uses ammo.
  • Concussion Grenade - Grenade cracks armor. (-15 armor, 3s)
  • Tear Gas - Grenade creates poison areas when it bounces. (3s)
  • Frag Grenade - Grenade deals extra damage and has a larger radius.
  • Smart Grenade - If the grenade hits an enemy, it explodes instantly.
  • Lingering Fumes - Tear Gas poison last longer. (6s)
  • Exhaust Fumes - [E]: Activating your jetpack reduces the cooldown for [RB] Grenade by 10s.
Switch Weapons
Tap to switch between machine pistols and cannon. Rockets consume 2 stacks of ammo.
  • Rocket Booster - [LMB]: Cannon shots move faster and have longer range.
  • Flame Cannon - [LMB]: Cannon shots pass through enemies and set them on fire but have reduced range.
  • Blast Radius - [LMB]: Cannon shots explode on impact.
  • Fully Loaded - [LMB]: With full ammo, Cannon deals +100 damage.
  • After Burner - [LMB]: Enemies set on fire by cannon also burn enemies near them.
  • Blazing Speed - [LMB]: Reload cannon faster.
Ignites your jets, boosting you upward. Your fuel is used slowly.
  • Fuel Switch - Can jetpack for 2s longer.
  • Rocketpack - SPRINT+[E]: Gain a massive speed boost on start. Continue jetpacking afterward.
  • Up and Away - Can jump in the air 1 additional time while jetpacking.
  • Jet Powered - While jetpacking: [LMB] deals 10% more damage.
  • Ignition Switch - SPRINT+[E]: Leaves a trail of fire on the ground on start.
  • Blast Away - SPRINT+[E]: Pushes enemies away on start.
Air Strike
Target an area to deliver a missile that catches fire on impact.
  • Quick Strikes - Air strikes happen faster.
  • Resurgence - One use, you regain stamina.


Level 3 Level 5 Level 7 Level 9


Crit chance builds faster.

Dueling Pistols

[LMB]: Machine pistols deal increased damage to attacking Heroes. (+10%)


+5% damage for each kill without dying. (Max +15% damage.)

Hero's Might

+10% damage

Angular Momentum

+15% damage from behind and after dodging.


[RMB]: Grenade has lower cooldown.


30% armor penetration.

Hero's Vitality

+15% maximum health.

En Garde

+10 front armor, +20 while attacking.

Pocket Full of Shells

[Q],[LMB]: Cannon has additional ammo (+2)

Bloody Minded

Immunity to Weakness. Recover from Daze twice as fast.


+33% maximum stamina


Faster stamina regen. Out of combat health regen starts 2x sooner.

Ready to Jet

[E]: You gain 25 Stamina when you activate your Jetpack.

Battle Fury

Gain 10% Focus charge for each kill or death.


20% faster focus gain.

Hit and Run

For 5s, +10% Speed and +15 armor after using Focus.

Jet More Focus

[E]: You gain double focus from all sources while jetpacking.

Will to Power

For 5s, +10% damage and +15 armor after using Focus.


For 4s, +75 hp/s and hit reaction immunity after using Focus.

Lore SnippetsEdit

  • An adventurer needs quick reflexes and quicker wits. A jetpack doesn't hurt either.
  • Sometimes you can talk your way out of a sticky situation. Usually a little gunfire helps.
  • Beckett collected stories almost as eagerly as she collected artifacts.
  • "I'm no thief. Strictly speaking, the test flight isn't over until I go back to the lab." - Beckett
  • In flight, her mind was quiet. No burdens, no schemes, just speed and freedom.
  • Beckett knew that scoring the right jobs was as much about image as substance.
  • "Those golems may be indestructible, but they can't stop what they can't catch." - Beckett
  • She found no treasure, only inscriptions of four-armed figures and indecipherable diagrams.
  • The White Wizard was powerful but still wanted Beckett's help retrieving the stolen wands.


  • Beckett was first released in the 2.0 version of the Closed Beta.


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