Charnok HeroShot

Draconic sorcerer

"A regal exterior hides the fire inside…until you spark his temper."

Charnok is a playable Hero in Gigantic. The Fire Mage is a ranged hero that uses his fire skills to burn his enemies. He is one of the first heroes to be released for Gigantic, debuting in the Pre-Alpha.





Upgrade Tier 1

Upgrade Tier 2
Heat Wave




Hold down to power up a flamethrower that deals ranged damage.
  • Big Ball of Fire - Now has a third charge stage.
  • Burn Notice - When fully charged, Heat Wave ignites foes for 3s.
  • Bombastic - When fully charged, direct hits with Heat Wave interrupt.
  • Bigger Ball of Fire - Increase explosion damage and damage radius of Fireball.

  • Extended Notice - Doubles the duration of the burn. (6s)
  • Stroke the Fire - Hitting an ennemy who is already burning deals extra damage.
Dragon's Breath

Dragon's Breath


Dragon's Breath

This ability is a ranged attack that can go through line of site.
  • Fire Shelter - Reduced range, but you gain +20/40/60 front armor. Armor increases as you hold [RMB].

  • Turning up the Heat- You can channel Dragon's Breath longer.
  • Backdraft - RELEASE [RMB] Send out a flame wave that pushes enemies. -2s cooldown for Dragon's Breath.
  • Incinerate - HOLD [RMB] Incoming projectiles are deflected by Dragon's Breath.

  • Scorching Flames- Damage increases as you hit enemies (Max +30% damage).
  • Back Burner - Hitting an enemy in the back ignores all armor.




Place fire mines on the ground. Press again to detonate them.
  • Blast Off - Detonate deals additional damage and pushes enemies further.
  • Dive Bomb - TAP [Q] AGAIN: Dive down. On landing, burn nearby foes(3s).
  • Parting Gift - Detonate leaves a fire area-of-effect for 3s.
  • Make it Rain Fire - During or after Detonate, Fireball [LMB] charges up instantly.

  • Time of Impact - For each enemy you hit, Detonate cooldown is reduced by 3s. (Minimum 3s.)
  • Superheat - [Q]: For 3s after Detonate, Burning you inflict deals +30% damage (+3s cooldown).
Hot Hail

Hot Hail

[E] Hot Hail Bombard an area with flaming planets for 3s.
  • Hot Coals - Hot Hail slows ennemies by 25%.
  • Hunka Burning Love - After 2s, a meteor strikes ennemies in the targeted area.
  • Burnination - Hot Hail affects a larger area.
  • Hotter and Hotter - Hot Hail slows ennemies by 50%.

  • Crater - Enemies hit by the meteor are stunned.
  • Meteoric Fall - Meteor no longer has a delay before landing.
Flame On

Flame On


Flame On

Fly through the air, causing the ground to burn with heat.
  • Keep Flaming- Extends the range of Flame On.

  • Resurgence- On use, you regain stamina.


Level 3 Level 5 Level 7 Level 9
+5% damage for each kill without dying (Max +15% damage).
Wave Race
[LMB] Fireball charges faster.
+20% crit chance and +10% crit damage from behind.
Hero's Might
+10% damage.
[LMB] 30% armor penetration for basic attacks.
Burning Breath
[RMB] Dragon's Breath sets enemies on fire.
+10 back armor. +20 armor vs. splash damage.
Hero's Vitality
+15% maximum health.
Bloody Minded
Immunity to Weakness. Recover from Daze twice as fast.
[Q]: Detonate launches you farther.
Dodging costs 15% less stamina.
+33% maximum stamina.
Battle Fury
Gain 10% Focus charge for each kill or death.
Hail Yes
[E] Hot Hail has much longer range.
Speed boost and damage boost after every kill.
20% faster focus gain.
Will to Power
For 5s, +10% damage and +15 armor after using Focus.
Getting Warmer
[F] Gain extra focus when a foe dies while on fire from your [LMB], [Q], or [E] attacks.
Infiltrator's Focus
Increased Focus gain for striking Guardians or Summoned Creatures.
For 4s, +75 hp/s and hit reaction immunity after using Focus.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • You are a teamfight focused hero. You deal AoE damage and should try to be near the back line of your team. Avoid being alone as you are squishy (Fragile).
  • Your left-click attack pierces, so use this to your advantage and always try to hit more than one opponent. If a tank character is in between you and another squishy, shoot right through him.
  • You move slower while casting Heat Wave, so try not to have any enemies around when doing so.


  • The "Char" from Charnok refers to the word char, which means to burn.


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