The Fortune Cards are a collectible within Gigantic as well as a key feature of the game. Each card provides both lore as well as a task which, upon its completion, will award the player with Prestige and Crowns. Additionally, each card is apart of a larger set which will grant the player a designated amount of Rubies with its completion.

There are three types of sets: Common, Rare, and Legendary. The sets are then further divided by category; a card may be based upon the world’s Arcana or upon a Hero. Being that the Arcana sets contain more cards, they provide a larger reward upon their completion.

Draws can be obtained through a couple of different means:

  • Daily draw
  • Ranking up your account
  • Ranking up a Hero past Rank 3
  • Purchasing a draw with rubies

With each draw, the chances of receiving a Rare or Legendary card increases. However, the chances of receiving a card that has not yet been completed decreases.

Below are presented all Fortune Cards, both featured in the game and unreleased.


  • The concept of Fortune Cards is based on famous Tarot cards.