Griselma HeroShot

Wise summoner

"Griselma is here one moment, gone the next...but beasts and traps remain in her wake."

Griselma is a playable Hero in Gigantic. The Wise Summoner is a ranged hero, playing with portals is her job, but beware the beasts that come with them. This hero was first revealed at PAX South 2015.





Tier 1 Upgrades

Tier 2 Upgrades
Reach Out [LMB] Reach Out Beam attack that does modest damage at very long range.
  • Mark of the Master
  • Touch of the Master
  • Spanked
  • Mark of Survival
  • Shielding Touch
  • Empowered Touch
Portal Beast [RMB] Portal Beast Summon a turret to fight on your side. (Max. 2)
  • Ambush feet
  • Bestial Aura
  • Grasping feet
  • Smashing feet
  • Bestial Attunement
  • Bestial Feast
Hidden Portal [Q] Rift Zone Create a rift zone that cracks enemy armor and reduces your portal beast cooldown to 3 if created on a rift zone
  • Portal Call
  • Trapper Keeper
  • Soothing Journey
  • Element of Surprise
  • Stumbling Block
  • Trap Easiest
Displacement [E] Displacement Disappear into a portal and regen health to slowly escape the battle

TAP [E] AGAIN: Exit the portal early.

  • Conservation of Mass
  • Exit Strategy
  • Gift of Preservation
  • Gift of Annihilaition
  • Escape Hatch
  • Portal Collapse
Abyss [F] Abyss Create a trap that pushes up then Launches. (30s lifetime) Deals 375/575/900 damage.
  • Renewed Focus
  • Resurgence

Talents Edit

Level 3 Level 5 Level 7 Level 9
Calling the Shots

When you debuff a foe, nearby allies gain +10% damage for 5s. (Once per 5s.)

Hand Out

[LMB]: Smack enemies from further away. (+30% attack range)


+15% speed for 3s if you [LMB] attack near multiple foes.

Hero's Might

+10% damage.

Armor of Fellowship

+5 armor. +15 while you are not attacking.

Beast Friends

[RMB]: You summon Portal Beasts faster and at longer range.

Fringe Benefits

+10 armor when you are hit from long or medium range.

Hero's Vitality

+15% maximum health.

Another's Keeper

+10% healing power. Gain focus when you buff or heal an ally. (Once per 5s.)


[Q]: When your Portal Beasts relocate, they are healed for 2000 HP.


After dodging, gain +10 armor for 5s.


+33% maximum stamina.


Gain 80 HP/s for 4s after each assist or kill.

Phase Variance

[E]: You can move while in your portal.

Sustained Abilities

Your skills cost less stamina.


20% faster focus gain.


After using Focus, other nearby allies gain 250 HP shield (absorbs 75% damage taken) for 3s.

Focal Point

[LMB]: builds Focus 25% faster.

Focus on Survival

For 4s, +50 hp/s and debuff immunity after using Focus.


For 4s, +75 hp/s and hit reaction immunity after using Focus.

Tips and TricksEdit

Griselma has so little movement so use her displacement ability when your health is is extremely low

When you are in displacement, you move extremely slowly so get ready to sprint once you enter the battlefield again

Her turrets have so much use in combat as you should use them both aggressively and defensively

Her focus is capable of dealing enough damage to cause a wound to the enemy gaurdian if time properly as it could be destroyed easily

Her turrets also prioritize her target so attack the enemy he want to deal the most damage to

Once a turret dies, it's cool down is reset to 10 so place it wisely

You can have 2 turrets at a time so make them count


Griselma seems like the oldest character in the game(if referring to humans), but no age has been confirmed yet from the developers


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