HK-206 HeroShot

Heavily armed, heavily armored

"A high-caliber asset from House Tesserus, HK-206 has a tendency to go ballistic."

HK-206 is a playable Hero in Gigantic. The Bucket O' Bolts is a ranged hero, shooting barrages from affar while mitigating massive damage. He is one of the first heroes to be released for Gigantic, debuting in the Pre-Alpha.




Description Upgrade Tier 1 Upgrade Tier 2
Bullet Barrage

Bullet Barrage


Bullet Barrage

A rapid fire close ranged attack.

  • Rapid Fire - Increased rate of fire.

  • Piercing Rounds - Your shots pierce enemies.
  • Ballistic Accelerator - [WHILE FORTIFIED] Now does full damage regardless of range.

  • High Caliber Rounds - [WHILE FORTIFIED] Deal more damage at close range.

  • Impeding Fire - [WHILE FORTIFIED] On hit, slows foes. (1s)

  • Debilitating Rounds - [WHILE FORTIFIED] On hit, weakens foes(1s duration, 10% dmg reduction).
Rail Gun

Rail Gun


Rail Gun

Shoot a powerful Fireblast. Hold your E to gain focus.

  • Charged Rounds - You can now charge your shots for increased damage.

  • Hand Cannon - Replaces your Rail Gun with a mid-range Cannon. On direct hit, dazes enemies (1s).

  • Armor Piercing - Charged shots pierce through enemies.

  • Parallel Outputs - [WHILE FORTIFIED] Fire your chestgun while charging.

  • Daze for Days - On direct hit, daze duration is increased to 2s.

  • Concussive Explosion - [WHILE FORTIFIED] Dazes all enemies hit by the explosion.




Fire an icey cold projectile on a high, arcing path that freezes enemies.
  • Mortar Love - Mortar deals 40% more damage.

  • Impact Trigger - Mortar explodes and pushes on impact.
  • Kaboom Box - On impact, creates a burning area for 4s.

  • Bombardment - Increased range on Mortar.

  • Percussive Force - Mortar pushes enemies much farther.

  • Speed Loader - [WHILE FORTIFIED] Cooldown is reduced by 33%.




Gain +20 front armor, increased accuracy, and immunity to pushes. You cannot move.

TAP [E] AGAIN: Unfortify.

  • Siege Mode - [WHILE FORTIFIED] Gain a 400 HP shield.

  • Rapid Recalibration - Fortifying gives you a 10% damage boost(5s). Fortifying/Unfortifying is 2x faster.
  • Shock Absorbers - [WHILE FORTIFIED] You are immune to all hit reactions(Stun, Interrupt, Launch, Pull, and Daze).

  • Earth Mover - Fortifying gives you front Deflection (3s). Unfortifying launches foes away.

  • Power Differential - Fortifying gives you a 20% damage boost (8s).

  • Servo Boost - Unfortifying gives you a 20% speed boost (6s), restores 75 stamina, and has shorter cooldown (-8s).




Unleash a barrage of homing fire rockets.
  • Nigh Invulnerable- You take 90% less damage while performing [F].

  • Resurgence - On use, you regain stamina.


Level 3 Level 5 Level 7 Level 9
+5% damage for each kill without dying. (Max +15% damage.)
Shoot n Scoot
[LMB] Move at normal speed while shooting. Fire longer before reloading.
You are immune to critical hits.
Hero's Might
+10% damage.
[LMB] 30% armor penetration for basic attacks.
Heat Sink
[RMB] You can use Rail Gun more often(-3s cooldown).
-30% damage from damage-over-time effects.
Hero's Vitality
+15% maximum health.
Bloody Minded
Immunity to Weakness. Recover from Daze twice as fast.
Blast Radius
[Q] Mortar hits a larger area.
Life Line
+10% healing to you. When out of combat, your health returns faster.
+33% maximum stamina.
Battle Fury
Gain 10% Focus charge for each kill or death.
Double Plating
[E]: Increased front armor bonus for Fortifying.
Hard Charger
+33% max stamina. Reduced distance when pushed.
20% faster focus gain.
Will to Power
For 5s, +10% damage and +15 armor after using Focus.
Charging Stationary
[E]: Gradually gain Focus while Fortified.
Iron Skin
+5 armor. After using Focus, you have +200 max health for 5s.
For 4s, +75 hp/s and hit reaction immunity after using Focus.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • You can outrange most heroes, and your shield should help you win any ranged exchanges, so do your best to keep your distance.
  • Your upgrades like Self Repair can make it very difficult to dislodge you from a fortified position, but you should still be careful and not get too far away from your teammates. A character like Lord Knossos could easily close the distance and wail on you before you can un-fortify and retreat.
  • When using piercing shot, aim for squishy characters even if The Margrave or another beefy character is in front of them. Your Piercing Shot will go right through them and hit the character behind them.


  • HK-206's codename was Machine.


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