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Offensive powerhouse

"Descended from a conquering horde, Lord Knossos wants to return his tribe to the glories of old."

Lord Knossos is a playable Hero in Gigantic. The Big Bad Bull is a melee hero, whose power is to slow down and trap enemies, and then unleash his fury on them. He is one of the first heroes to be released for Gigantic, debuting in the Pre-Alpha.





Upgrade Tier 1

Upgrade Tier 2



[LMB] Skewer A burst of spears that deal melee damage.
  • Bruiser - Each hit in your combo does more damage than the previous one.
  • Pierce - SPRINT+LMB: Your first attack causes bleeding (30 hp/s). (Costs 8 stamina.)
  • Sharpened Horns - Landing 4 hits in a row boosts dmg by 25% for 15s.
  • Seeing Red - After killing a foe with LMB, you deal double dmg for 5s.
  • Adding Assault to Injury - Against a bleeding foe, LMB causes more bleeding. 50 hp/s.
  • Overrun - SPRINT+LMB: Your first attack also breaks armor for 4s.


[RMB] Chuck Throw a Javalin.
  • Heavy Barrel - HOLD RMB: When fully charged, chuck causes bleeding for 4s but has +3s cooldown.
  • Torus - Ground target: Falling spears that slow enemies for 3s. +12s cooldown.
  • Kidney Shot - When fully charged, foes hit in the back take +150 dmg.
  • Skill Shot - Hitting with a fully charged shot gives a dmg bonus for 5s.
  • Immobilizing Torus - Torus immobilizes enemies for 1s before slowing them.
  • Shattered - No long slows, instead breaks armor and causes bleeding for 4s.


[Q] Gore Use your horns to launch an enemy backward.
  • Goring Up - Launches enemies on hit.
  • Bulldoze - [Q,Q] fora powerful second hit. +5s cooldown.
  • More Gore - On hit, launches enemies in a AOE around target.
  • Refreshing Gore - During Bull Rush, hitting with Gore refreshes its duration.
  • Initiating Gore - Hitting an enemy who has more than 75% health gives a dmg bonus for 3s.
  • Focus on the Kill - Killing an enemy with this skill grants a full Focus charge.
Bull Rush

Bull Rush

[E] Bull Rush Increase your speed for 35 seconds.
  • Mighty Yawp - Bull Rush applies to nearby allies.
  • Major Beef - Gives you +400 health for 5s.
  • Raging Bull - Increases dmg by 15% for you and nearby allies.
  • Long Running - You and nearby allies move 10% faster for an additional 15s.
  • Thick Skinned - Gives an additional +200 health.
  • Interrupting Cow - On use, interrupts enemies in front of you.


[F] Labyrinth Spears cause reduce healing and bleed all nearby enemies.
  • Nigh Invulnerable - You take 90% less damage while performing Labyrinth.
  • Resurgence - On use (Labyrinth), regain your stamina.


Level 3 Level 5 Level 7 Level 9
+5% damage for each kill without dying. (Max +15% damage.)
[LMB] Longer melee attack combo. Final strike deals +150 damage.
Tactical Awareness
+10 back armor. +10% damage from behind.
Hero's Might
+10% damage.
[LMB] 30% armor penetration for basic attacks.
Wind Up
[RMB] Chuck deals more damage.
Pure Escapism
Lose debuffs when you dodge. (Once every 20s.)
Hero's Vitality
+15% maximum health.
Bloody Minded
Immunity to Weakness. Recover from Daze twice as fast.
[Q] Gore covers more ground.
Easy Strider
You move 10% faster and sprinting drains stamina 25% slower.
+33% maximum stamina.
Battle Fury
Gain 10% Focus charge for each kill or death.
[E] Bull Rush lasts 2 seconds longer.
Summoner's Gift
You summon creatures 2x faster and gain focus when you summon.
20% faster focus gain.
Will to Power
For 5s, +10% damage and +15 armor after using Focus.
[LMB] Skewer builds Focus 25% faster.
Move On With Your Life
+25% move speed and +75 HP/s for 4s after using Focus.
For 4s, +75 hp/s and hit reaction immunity after using Focus.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Knossos is very good at trapping enemies, use that to your advantage to then drop your spears on them.
  • You may not have good vertical mobility, but you excel at chasing opponents across horizontal surfaces. Remembering this, it may be a good idea to roll with an Uncle Sven or Voden who can help you reach high places, and in return you can use Bull Rush to get you both to your destination sooner.
  • Torus should be your initiation skill. Slow the enemy, run up and start using Gore, then as the slow wears off use Bull Rush to stick to them. If they haven't been taken down before Bull Rush's speed buff ends, try to tag them with a Spear as a finisher.


  • Knossos is based on the Minotaur, a creature in Greek mythology with a head of a bull and the body of a man. His Focus ability, Labyrinth, also refers to the massive maze-like construction the Minotaur was said to dwell within.
  • His codename was in fact Minotaur.
  • Lord Knossos is named after the ancient city of Knossos on the Greek island of Crete. The Minotaur of legend was said to live in the Labyrinth beneath this city.


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