Mozo HeroShot

Mischievous magician

"Mozu amassed a collection of magic wands—sometimes without the prior owners’ consent"

Mozu is a playable Hero in Gigantic. The mischievous magician is a ranged hero who uses magical bolts and beams to defeat her enemies. This character was first revealed at PAX South 2015.





Tier 1 Upgrades

Tier 2 Upgrades
Magic Bolt
[LMB] Magic Bolt Hold down to unleash magic bolts. The more you hold, the more the fire rate increases.
  • Omega Bolt - Adds a 3rd stage charge to magic bolt. Once fully charged, Mozu's next magic bolt in 5s will fire a projectile that deals massive shock.
  • Run and Hit - After using another skill, Magic Bolt reaches full charge/attack speed instantly.
  • Piercing Shock - Omega Bolt pierces and shocks all enemies on hit.
  • Bolt of Renewal - If Omega Bolt damages an enemy, Mozu's skill cooldowns are reduced by two seconds.
  • Magic Shell - After using Arcane Vortex, Mozu gains 40% front damage reduction and front deflection while firing.
  • One Dimensional Offense - After using Attractor Beam or Dimensional Door, Mozu gains 20% attack speed until she stops firing or Magic Bolt's combo ends.
Attractor Beam
[RMB] Attractor Beam Beam attack that slows the targeted enemy.
  • Cantrip of Disruption - Attractor Beam interrupts attackers on cast, but takes a moment to begin casting.
  • Channel Selector - While casting Attractor Beam, Mozu simultaneously fires Magic Bolt.
  • Enervation Effect - If Attractor Beam interrupts a foe, it inflicts weakness (-25% damage) for 3s.
  • Force Feedback - If Attractor Beam interrupts a foe, it inflicts cripple (-40% movement speed and no jumping) for 3s.
  • Renewed Attraction - If the enemy attached to Attractor Beam dies, its cooldown is reset.
  • Drawn to Life - Attractor Beam deals triple damage to foes below 33% health.
Arcane Vortex
[Q] Arcane Vortex Create a vortex that deflects enemy projectiles.
  • Induction Field - After one second, one nearby enemy is pulled to the vortex.
  • Reverse Polarity - Arcane Vortex lasts 50% longer and reflects projectiles instead of deflecting them. The targeting range is also increased to 10 meters.
Dimension Door
[E] Dimension Door Teleport to the designated target.
  • Unknown Upgrades
Death Ray
[F] Death Ray Powerful beam attack that slows the targeted enemies.
  • Unknown Upgrades

Tips and TricksEdit

  • As a ranged caster, Mozu is made to stay in the backline, behind tanks, bruisers, and melee fighters. Never be at the front of your team unless you have an Arcane Vortex to protect you and Dimension Door to warp to safety.
  • Assassins like Tripp and Tyto will try to dive you and kill you quickly. If they are on the enemy team, it is best to save Dimension Door for when they try to jump on you, and use Attractor Beam's Cantrip of Disruption to interrupt their damage abilities.



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