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Mozo HeroShot

Mischievous magician

"Mozu amassed a collection of magic wands—sometimes without the prior owners’ consent"

Mozu is a playable Hero in Gigantic. The mischievous magician is a ranged hero who uses magical bolts and beams to defeat her enemies. This character was first revealed at PAX South 2015.






Magic Bolt
[LMB] Magic Bolt Hold down to unleash magic bolts.
  • Unknown Upgrades
Attractor Beam
[RMB] Attractor Beam Beam attack that confuse enemies.
  • Unknown Upgrades
Arcane Vortex
[Q] Arcane Vortex Create a vortex that deflects enemy projectiles. Any Allie that steps in the portal are slowed.
  • Unknown Upgrades
Dimension Door
[E] Dimension Door Teleport to target Allie.
  • Unknown Upgrades
Death Ray
[F] Death Ray Powerful beam attack that stuns.
  • Unknown Upgrades

Tips and TricksEdit



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