Pakko is a playable hero in Gigantic.


Gigantic Hero Spotlight - Pakko02:10

Gigantic Hero Spotlight - Pakko

Abilities Edit


Frosty Swipes
Melee attack combo. Defensive Swings,Cold Kit Combo Cold and Frail, Cold Remedy, Extra Sauce, Ice Breaker
Snowball Toss
Throw snowball which explodes and traps enemies in ice (Stun + Freeze). HOLD [RMB] to charge. Stick It To 'Em, Size Matters Shattered, Ice Ball,Let's Chill Together,Group Benefits
Slip And Slide
HOLD [Q] to slide on the ground. Tap [Q] again: Melee hit, freezes and pushes enemies. Safety First, Belly Flop Stay Healthy,Uninhibited, Forceful Impact, Play Nice
Frost Path
Create a path of ice directly in front of you. Enemies on the path are frozen, allies are hasted. Extended Path,Frostbite Path of Quickness,Frosty Trails,Redistribution of Health, Frosted Over
Snow Fort
Create an AOE that freezes enemies. While inside: you heal over time and [LMB] throws snowballs. (6s/8s/10s) Safe at Home,Resurgence


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