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  • Pakko's design was based on a guinea pig. Vinod Rams, Pakko's concept artist, said that the idea came from one of his favorite little guinea pigs named Milo, who was “so friendly that unlike his other guinea pig friends, he almost seemed naive” and “his plump fuzziness combined with that innocent personality” made him think of “a giant yeti kid that thinks everything's a fun game rather than a life or death battle.” Upon further design exploration Pakko gain some inspiration from characters like Totoro and Barkley and some parts of beaver and koala.[1]
  • Pakko was named after Motiga's lead technical artist Pat Corwin, who goes by the nickname “PaCo.” As designer Carter McBee said, “when Pakko first went into the game as a prototype hero, PaCo was playing him almost exclusively.” Pat also created Pakko's prototype model.[2]
  • Pakko's code name in game's files is “Frosty”.
  • Before final update Pakko's unlock cost was Icon small crown 10000 or Icon small ruby 600.


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