This character is not available to play in the current version of the game due to an upcoming rework.

Hero roland

Guns and gadgets

"Firing the first shot is good, but firing the last shot is even better."

Roland was a playable Hero in Gigantic. The Bounty Hunter is a ranged hero, that is prepared to shoot the enemies back to their bases. He is one of the first heroes to be released for Gigantic, debuting in the Pre-Alpha. He is no longer playable due to him getting a rework








[LMB] Blunderbuss Shoot a powerful blast from your shotgun.
  • Unknown Upgrades
Entangling Bolas

Entangling Bolas

[RMB] Entangling Bolas Fire a projectile that stuns and slows the enemy it hits.
  • Unknown Upgrades
Grappling Hook

Grappling Hook

[Q] Grappling Hook Rapidly pulls you to the location you target, or trips the enemy you hit.
  • Unknown Upgrades
Supressing fire

Supressing Fire

[E] Suppressing Fire Shoot a barrage that ignites enemies.
  • Unknown Upgrades
Hang cannon

Hand Cannon

[F] Hand Cannon Blast all enemies in front of you, launching them upward.
  • Unknown Upgrades

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Use your grappling hook to escape enemies or to shoot your enemies from different locations.


  • Roland is currently unplayable due to an upcoming rework.


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