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Speed and stealth

"Who is Tripp? The empire's most notorious assassin, or the living incarnation of lightning?"

Tripp is a playable Hero in Gigantic. The Blue Bolt is a melee hero that can cloak herself and shank her foes. She is one of the first heroes to be released for Gigantic, debuting in the Pre-Alpha.




Description Upgrade Tier 1 Upgrade Tier 2
Lightning Strikes

Lightning Strikes


Lightning Strikes

Deliver lightning-fast dagger attacks.

  • Power Surge - Damage increases by +8% when you hit a foe in the back or side (Max 40%, Lasts 3s).

  • Shocking Blades - From stealth, Lightning Strikes interrupts, deals bonus damage and always crits.
  • Full Charge - Maxing out Power Surge extends its duration to 10s.
  • Lighting Quick - On hit, gain +25% movement speed (3s).

  • Assassin's Credo - Killing target hit by Shocking Blades within 3s lowers Flashdance's cooldown.
  • Unseen Strike - From stealth, inflict Bleeding on foes below 50% health.
Plasma Blades

Plasma Blades


Plasma Blades

Throw daggers to inflict ongoing bleed damage.

  • Hidden Daggers - Hold [RMB]: Throw more daggers. (Shorter cooldown if you throw fewer daggers)

  • Marked for Death - [RMB], [LMB] for bonus damage(Hit same target within 5s).
  • Precision Blades - Your daggers can crit. Move at normal speed while throwing daggers.
  • Hidden Killer - [RMB] does not break stealth.

  • Shattering Blades - [RMB], [LMB] cracks armor (-15 armor, 4s).
  • Binding Blades - [RMB], [LMB] slows(3s).
Electric Slide

Electric Slide


Electric Slide

Glide forward rapidly. Tap again to make a kick attack that launches enemies upward.
  • Heel Blade - [Q],[Q]: This attack now automatically crits.Hitting raises [LMB] crit chance to 100%.


  • Light Speed - Move faster and pass through enemies, inflicting shock (375 damage over 3s)(Pressing [Q] again no longer kicks).
  • Chain Lighting - [Q],[Q]: Hitting in the back LAUNCHES targets.
  • Static Shield - Deflect projectiles from front(3s duration).

  • Light on your Feet - If you don't pass through an enemy, you gain a 30% speed boost for 3s.
  • Phantom Slide - [Q] does not break stealth.
Flash Dance

Flash Dance


Flash Dance

Become invisible for a short time.
  • Storm Surge - +25% move speed while invisible.

  • Starburst - Using [E] Flashdance dazes nearby foes for 2s after a short delay.
  • In a Flash - [E] Flashdance is instant and breaks LAUNCH and STUN.
  • Flash Step - Targeted: On release, you teleport a short distance. Invis duration reduced to 3s.

  • Electrical Storm - After a short delay, creates a damaging electrical area. (Lasts 3s).

  • Disorienting Flash - After a short delay, slows nearby foes for 3s.




Unleash a flurry of close-range melee attacks.
  • In the Zone- On hit, raise your [LMB] crit chance to 100%.

  • Resurgence - On use, you regain stamina.


Level 3 Level 5 Level 7 Level 9
+20% crit chance and +10% crit damage from behind.
Killer Instinct
[LMB]: +15% damage against foes with less than 50% health.
Crit chance builds faster.
Hero's Might
+10% damage.
+10 back armor. +20 armor vs. splash damage.
Cutting Edge
[RMB]: Bleeding from Plasma Blades deals double damage.
Angular Momentum
+15% damage from behind and after dodging.
Hero's Vitality
+15% maximum health.
Dodging costs 15% less stamina.
Storm Rider
[Q]: You can perform Electric Slide more often([Q],[Q] cooldown unchanged).
En Garde
10 front armor, +20 while attacking.
+33% maximum stamina.
Speed boost and damage boost after every kill.
Back in a Flash
[E]: You can perform Flashdance more often.
Faster stamina regen. Out of combat health regen starts 2x sooner.
20% faster focus gain.
Infiltrator's Focus
Increased Focus gain for striking Guardians or Summoned Creatures.
Electrical Energy
[F]: Lighting Strikes builds focus 25% faster.
Hit and Run
For 5s, +10% Speed and +15 armor after using Focus.
For 4s, +75 hp/s and hit reaction immunity after using Focus.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Tripp can unleash loads of damage, but never stay in the same place too long because she's very squishy and can easily be taken down.
  • Tripp has the second fastest sprinting speed in the game next to Tyto. Use this to avoid damage and make up for her low base health.
  • In addition, to this, her swiftness makes her great at reaching areas before other heroes. Try to sneak a capture points or steal some power from the enemy guardian.
  • Tripp needs to make good use of her dodges to weave in and out of danger. Don't hesitate to to dodge if needed!
  • Tripp's Flash Dance only lasts for a few seconds, and she's not completely invisible; her movements can be detected by observant players. Remember that her cloak is merely invisibility, not invincibility!
  • While Tripp is burdened with very low base hp, she has great stamina regen, allowing her to constantly sprint and dodge around fights.


  • Early concepts of Tripp showed that initially, the character would be a more light-hearted type of hero instead of having a dark-like personality and look like Tripp has at the moment.
  • Initially, she had an Arabian design but then Motiga decided to go forward with the slim and more "ninja-like" approach.
  • Her codename was Rogue.



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