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Reflexes and Finesse

"Tyto makes an exit wound, then makes an exit. Catch Tyto if you can!"

Tyto the Swift is a playable Hero in Gigantic. Crimson Guise, as they're also known, is a melee hero, using agile attacks to claim victory.

Death from above! Tyto the Swift is a spinning cyclone of blades, fast on the battlefield and deadly in melee. Tyto's companion pet, Fang, attacks enemies with equal ferocity.



Ability Description Upgrade Tier 1 Upgrade Tier 2




Melee attack combo.

  • Kith and Keen - Hits build crit chance and focus twice as fast.

  • Hidden Talon - DODGE, [LMB]: After Dodging, Talon deals more damage, automatically crits, and inflicts bleeding (once every 8s.).
  • Talon and Fang - After landing a hit with fang, you have increased crit chance and crit bonus for 5s.
  • Synchronicity - [E],[LMB]: Perform a powerful lunging attack after using Fang.

  • Evade Defenses - DODGE, [LMB]: Hidden Talon deals extra damage if you hit the back or side.
  • Encirclement Tactics - DODGE, [LMB]: Hitting with Hidden Talon reduces cooldown for Blade Dance ([Q]) by 2s.




Powerful leaping attack.

  • Cut Down - Swoop inflicts +50% damage on targets below 30% health.

  • Swoop de Loop - Swoop leaps farther and gives a 5s speed boost, but you no longer attack on landing. (-3s cooldown)
  • Predatory Instincts - Damage bonus increased to +100% on targets below 25% health. Killing an enemy with this skill resets the cooldown.
  • Rake - Inflicts powerful Bleed if you hit a Bleeding foe. (75 HP/s, 3s)

  • Free as a Bird - Swoop cleanses debuffs and can break free from disruption (stun, launch, interrupt) or being immobilized.
  • Spin Cycle - Using Swoop resets cooldown for Blade Dance.
Blade dance

Blade Dance


Blade Dance

Spinning attack that lets you move quickly.
  • Bleed Dance - Blade Dance inflicts bleeding on hit. (3s)

Bleed stacks up to 10 times. (4 to 40 HP/s)

  • Windborne - Blade Dance drains no stamina. You move faster.
  • Deadly Dance - If an enemy reaches the maximum stacks of bleed, [LMB] gets a damage boost. (+25% damage for 3s)
  • Cyclone - Radius you hit is 50% larger.

  • Hard Target - During Blade Dance, reflect projectiles from front.
  • Windswept - The cooldown for Blade Dance is set to 6s and increases each time an enemy is hit.




Send out your pet to attack. Deals armor-ignoring damage and bleeds target for 5s.
  • Pounce - On hit, Fang deals 150 armor-ignoring damage.

  • Unity - TAP [E] AGAIN: Appear at Fang's target. (Pang stops attacking.)
  • Gnawing Out - On hit, Fang cracks target's armor (-10 armor, 3s).
  • Ankle Biter - Fang slows enemies he is attacking (3s).

  • Celerity - When you teleport, gain Haste (3s).
  • Disruption - When you teleport, daze Fang's target.




Rush forward in a blur, bleeding enemies you pass.
  • Easy Strider - You move 10% faster and sprinting drains stamina 25% slower.

  • Angular Momentum - +15% basic attack damage from behind and after dodging.


Level 5
Swooping It Up[RMB]: Swoop gives +15 stamina.

DURING CLASH: -3s cooldown if you are below 50% health.

Equilibrium[Q]: Blade Dance lasts 50% longer.

DURING CLASH: +20 armor during Blade Dance

Pet Projectile[E]: Fang travels farther and has 33% reduced cooldown.

DURING CLASH: [LMB] deals +10% damage against bleeding foes.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • You can send Fang to distract your enemies while you prepare yourself to unleash a barrage of slashes on them, or use Fang to prevent a fleeing opponent from regenerating health.
  • With Blade Dance you gain movement speed and can move around freely while using the ability.
  • Be fast! Tyto is all about moving freely and quick around the battlefield, don't stay in the same spot for too long.

Lore Snippets Edit

  • Tyto's legend grows with each act of heroism. As do the mysteries that surround them.
  • "I never seen anything like how she danced with that sword. Wyvern never stood a chance" - Mina, Westholme Villager
  • Before the Hierophant could thank his mysterious savior, she was gone.
  • "Don't know how he brought his airship through the storm, but no way we survive our wreck without him." - Boatswain Iggs
  • Tyto supported the Hierophant as he staggered toward the Eternal gate. Crossing the threshold together, they were engulfed in blinding light.
  • The valerian petals were a calling card and a warning: eternal slumber for the wicked.
  • Soon it was the highwaymen who feared the darkness of the road at midnight.
  • The kidnappers had a simple choice: run or fight. They chose poorly.
  • Grenn surveyed the ruined temple with fury. The Hierophant of Aurion was nowhere to be found, whisked away by some mysterious north wind.
  • The goblins cursed it and called it a demon, but the cutting blur of ice and wind still stayed their advance.
  • "He ain't for real, this bogeyman vigilante. Don't get spooked by some story." - Ramsay
  • Dressed in Aurion gold, she are called the Sunbird. She brings justice with her shining blade.
  • "Let's see how good you are with that blade, little songbird." - Lotho's last words.
  • "We would better call them the 'Starbird' since they appear most often at night." - Lady Marisse
  • Tyto the Swift was an agent of justice. Cruelty and oppression would not be allowed to stand


  • Tyto's mask is similar to an owl's face, and Fang, the pet, looks like a mouse, which is ironic since owls are one of mice's and rat's biggest predators.
    • Tyto's mask specifically resembles the faces of barn and masked owls, all of which belong to the genus Tyto.
  • Contrary to initial belief, Tyto's cape doesn't hide anything, in fact Tyto actually doesn't have a left arm. Fang, the little companion, acts as "the left arm".
    • In response to a reddit question on Tyto's missing arm, Gorrem, their character designer, said, "The original story I ran with was an elite soldier was left for dead after an intense battle. Tyto lost their arm in the process and hid in the wilderness. Desperate for food, Tyto caught fang in a trap to eat. At the last moment Tyto had a change of heart, fought their survival instincts and befriended it instead."
  • The Crimson Guise's codename used to be Swift, as in showing a very agile character.
  • Tyto gender is unknown [citation needed], being referred to with he/him, she/her, they/them, and it/it's pronouns in several lore snippets.


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