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Chemistry and chaos

"When it comes to improvisational battlefield alchemy, Uncle Sven has just the right solution. "

Uncle Sven is a playable Hero in Gigantic. The Alchemist is a ranged hero, with magical potions and support abilities, he's the perfect support for any teammate. He is one of the first heroes to be released for Gigantic, debuting in the Pre-Alpha.





Upgrade Tier 1 Upgrade Tier 2
Fire Flask

Fire Flask

[LMB] Fire Flask

Throw a flask that lights your enemies on fire. This effect stacks up to 5 times.

  • 3, 2, 1, Contact - Fire Flask deals +33% damage on impact.
  • Flame out - Fire Flask hits a larger area but deals less damage and has a slower attack rate.
  • Igniter Fluid - Fire flask inflicts burning for 3s.
  • Encase A Fire - Fire Flask bounces if it hits the ground.
  • Geek Fire - Fire Flask leaves a flaming area. (First attack every 6s.)
  • Slow roasted - Fire flask inflicts weak burning for 6s.
Acid Flask

Acid Flask

[RMB] Acid Flask

Throw a flask containing a poolof acid slows all who pass through it. Even your allies.

  • Longevity Catalyst - Acid pools duration doubled. (6s)
  • A Mean Ole Acid - Direct hits with Acid Flask deal extra damage.
  • Chemical Burn - Fire Flask can ignite your Acid Pools, creating a burning area.
  • Inversion Reaction - Hit your acid pools with [E] to create a debuff immunity area.
  • Rapid Reaction - Direct hits with Acid Flask deal +40 damage per second the first 3s.
  • Acid Reflex - You can throw Acid Flasks more often. (7s cooldown)
Elastic Ooze

Elastic Ooze

[Q] Elastic Ooze Create a puddle enabling super jumps.
  • Bounces Off Me... - Allies affected by Elastic Ooze take reduced damage for 5 seconds.
  • ...Stick To You. - enemies affected by Elastic Ooze are slowed for 3 seconds.
  • Super Bounce - Allies directly hit by Elastic Ooze deflect projectiles for 2s.
  • Absorption Matrix - Hit ally with [Q],[E]: extended heal. (10s)
  • Perfect Pitch - Hit with [Q],[LMB]: Ignite enemy for 4s, burning them and nearby enemies.
  • Oozing With Confidence - Elastic Ooze now launches enemies and tosses them farther.
Healing Waters

Healing Waters

[E] Healing Waters Create a puddle that heals allies. The longer the Allie stands in the pool the great the heal will tick for.
  • Double Dose - Healing continues for an additional 10s after leaving Healing Waters.
  • Ony the Purest Ingrediesnts - Remove negative effects from allies in the area hit.
  • Precision Prescription - Increased heal if you hit an ally below 50% health.
  • Healthy Glow - Allies affected by double Dose also heal allies near them.
  • Presistent Purgative - Give immunity to negative effects for 6s.
  • Bitter Medicine - Enemies struck by Healing Waters are Interrupted.
Chaos Quaff

Chaos Quaff

[F] Chaos Quaff Throw a flask that turns enemies into small rabbit creatures, preventing them from using skills.
  • Chaos Theory - [R] Hits a larger area.
  • Resurgence - On use, you regain stamina.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • All of Uncle Sven's attacks are thrown potion bottles that function very similar to grenades.


  • Uncle Sven's focus ability will transform an enemy hero (or heroes) into a snails, the company's mascot.
  • Sven's codename was Alchemist.


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