After a full week of fantastic submissions, the winners for the Gigantic Wiki's 1st Birthday Giveaway have been chosen!

There were lots of good entries, with some really imaginitive ideas and great concept, and it was a bit hard to choose since all of them were fantastic, but there's gotta be three winners and even though I'd like to give everyone a cool Gigantic Swag Bag, it is not possible, fret not, the Wiki will have many more giveaways, contests and susprises in the future, so if you weren't one of the winners, stick around, there will definetly be something for you in the future.

Without further explanations, here are the winners and their respective answers in no specific order:

Rotvyrn "Let me set the scene: a forest, with a hill on either side. The tops of these hills, just out of the reach of even the greatest snipers. Imagine standing imposing and statuesque from these earthen pedestals. Nothing will surprise you: one must ascend the hill to launch an attack, leaving the safety of the trees that fill the valley. Perhaps it's worthwhile, but here, the real war is waged from the uneven canopy. Though it may be harder to cover distance, the tops of branches are beautiful places to ambush or snipe from...

Beware, however, as a powerful enough creature would have no difficulty with crushing trees should they choose to rampage off their hilltop homes. At present, no such monsters have taken up a space there, but it's a fair warning. It's...happened before.

But let's get back to the scenery. Mayhaps, in exploring this forest, you'll find a fae spring or blessed memorial, whose natural enchantments may lend a hand in rallying allies. Perhaps the base of an old, weary tree would better suit your fancy. Which reminds me...

You know, they say a war was once fought from these hills, encampments built atop each one. Glaring at one another. There was no way to hide it if you were to send troops into the forest. Sure, you could have them go 'round the back of the hill. But it seemed the other side would always notice, and the geography wouldn't be your friend in the matter regardless. No, the tactics began under the cover of leaves. The enemy knew they were 'there,' but where? What were they doing? A forest is no triflingly predictable battlefield. For example, they say the most active encampments held other than those on the hills was on either side of the massive mother tree that sat in the center of the field. For a time, neither side had even realized the other had been at their opposite. Then all hell broke loose. It wouldn't be a bad idea to set up camp there, though. The tree's roots are something special when it comes to defense and magic.

Which reminds me, remember those blessed memorials? That war was quite the bloody bout, and for a time, both sides had decided to revere the site as a holy place. People pilgrimaged across this battle-scarred sanctuary. Neither country exists now, nor have they for, what is it, Centuries? But the forest remains. It always remains.

Look around before you decide, I know you've got a lot of places to consider. None'll have the same impact. Go on, take a long walk.

You'll find the broken blades of a dozen eras. That story I just told? Hells if I know which one it applied to, they all seem to play out the same. War never changes. But neither does the forest.

Don't get lost now, I'll be waiting for your decision."

BushidoBacon "Imagine this: a battle inside a crystal cavern with destructible terrain. The cavern would be shaped as if each Guardian dug a hole from opposite ends, tunneling deeper as they approached each other, then returning to the entrance to set up their base. During the game, when a Guardian advances to open a Wound on the enemy, it will take this same route. Apart from the main tunnel, there would be smaller side tunnels that are accessible via drop-offs from the main tunnel (and fewer exits, creating choke points). Each tunnel would contain summoning points, with the side tunnels caving in completely during the Clash.

Visually, the concept of a crystal cavern could make great use of color. Each team's half of the map could be color coded, with one side having red crystals and the other side having blue crystals. It could have a gradient effect, with both sides transitioning to purple near the Clash arena. Side tunnels could have their own crystal colors as well, such as green or orange. Luminescent crystals on the cavern's ceiling would provide a subtle, flickering lighting effect.

The destructible terrain would take two main forms: crystal bridges and crystal walls that provide cover. Of course, all destructible terrain would regenerate after a few minutes.

  • The bridges provide shortcuts and alternate paths through the cavern, and can be collapsed by destroying the crystal anchors on each end. Once a bridge has been destroyed, a jumping skill such as Sven's Elastic Ooze will be required to traverse the gap. Fighters who are less gifted with vertical mobility will have to take a small detour ramp that could jeopardize their positioning.
  • The destructible walls would provide many places to hide from ranged attacks, especially in the center of the map. However, if the enemy team has time to set up beforehand and destroy most of the walls, there will be much fewer places to hide.

Overall, the map would encourage players to make smart use of terrain, destroying certain bridges and obstacles when it gives them an advantage in positioning. The fact that the Clash arena also makes use of destructible walls would prevent turtling for extended periods of time. Thoughts on this idea?"

Hydralon / "From what I have put together from the GIGANTIC website from each individual character. I saw a repeating theme from House Tesserus.

House Tesserus seems to be a house that revolves around technology.

• Lore about Voden from the stream on July 15, 2015 revealed that House Tesserus was conducting “research” on or about Voden

• 4 people according from information on the GIGANTIC website link them possibly to House Tesserus

o “We think their sniper, Imani, is hidden on that ridge, sir.”

“Then why are you cowering behind these rocks? She couldn’t hit a barn at that dist—“

--last words of Commander Sedgwick, House Tesserus

o “We’ve granted Uncle Sven laboratory access four times, and we’ve exiled him four times. You don’t need to be a scientist to figure out that pattern”

– Senior Researcher Ghautiri, House Tesserus

o “Field notes, trial #88-34: Subject HK-206 scored 94 on the ballistics assessment and withstood the test-to-failure battery no function loss. Overall trial grade is “incomplete,” however, because subject destroyed the obstacle course barrier and hasn’t been seen since…”

o “Let’s look at the list, Roland. We’ve got five intimidated witnesses, four suspects—sorry, former suspects—in the hospital, formal complaints from three Great houses, and six months’ salary in property damage”

“Your point?”

“Isn’t that a bit much for Jaywalking?

Let’s actually get to the “theme” of the map finally.

• More industrial terrain based by design of House Tesserus.

• The ridge / rocks that Imani shot from (Kappa)

• Possible fields based from HK-206 field notes

• Maybe an arena based around Uncle Sven’s laboratory?

• From my experience from PAX East / E3 – Maybe 3 or 4 summoning / creature points for each side.

• The “Clash Arena” possibility based on design by Uncle Sven’s Laboratory."

There were some great entries and I definetly recommend reading them all, there are some very cool ideas out there for gigantic maps, but these three were in the opinion of the jury the best ones, the winners will be contacted and will get instructions in how to receive their prizes.

I hope even if you didn't win or didn't participate, you had a good time coming up with these ideas, and as I wrote earlier in this post, fret not, we're going to have some more gigantic things in the future :)


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