Hello! I'm MtMB, you can also call me Mark or Mag.

I've adopted this wiki in November and I wanted to turn into real, rich data base about this beautiful game. But when unfortunate news about Gigantic surfaced we still had (and still have) a lot of work to do. Now I want to make this wiki an ultimate preservation - to have all info, all stuff, all media related to Giga, and maybe even models, if we'll find the way to integrate models viewers here (since we planned to have interactive maps, but yeah, we were late) - Wikia is very flexible and friendly platform (unlike god awful Gamepedia).

If you want to help us - welcome aboard! I recommend to sign up on Wikia for a better experience (I'll turn off registration for anons tho, but any tiny vandalism or silliness, like on Tripp comment section [I keep it for a history], will lead to ban). It is also important to know at least some of the basics of wiki editing, and here you'll find some tips.

We recently finished ‘structuring’ hero and maps pages - adding tabs, adding basic info, etc. Here are other things to do now:

  • transcribe lore letters from “Clash Course” videos and add them to the Hero Lore pages (some pages have them already tho)
  • the majority of trivia sections isn't finished too, but they should have proper references (unless it's some kind of obvious mythology reference with link to Wikipedia, etc), examples - Oru/Trivia, Ramsay/Trivia
  • would be cool to have talkless gameplay videos made after release of the game (right now in galleries we have only Alpha/Beta captures)
  • voice lines is a very complex task: exporting audio from game and uploading it on wiki is not a problem at all, the problem is to check in game what triggers them (skills, quick chat, badges, proximity, kills, etc) and transcribe them + there is a possibility, that some of the lines aren't unused in game; I'll make a Google Drive folder for audio files if there will be someone who will to help me with this - after all I'm not a native English speaker and I often don't have time/possibility to play game itself
  • see also
    • wanted pages’ - they currently don't exist on wiki but have red links leading to them
    • article stubs’ - unfinished or very short articles, mostly because of lack of actual information, but they still can be improved for a better look or structure (and don't forget about references!)

Don't be shy to ask questions and stuff in the comments, forum or on my message wall!