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Vadasi HeroShot

Divine judgement, divine healing

"Her gaze can rescue you, or leave you beyond hope of rescue."

Vadasi is a playable Hero in Gigantic. She is a ranged hero that uses her skills to punish her enemies and aid her allies. She was first announced at PAX 2014 and is part of the Alpha Gigantic build.






Ray of Judgement

Ray of Judgment

[LMB] Ray of Judgment Hold down to emit a beam that hurts enemies and heals allies. Uses an orb for more power.
  • N/A:Increases range.
  • N/A:Gives damage reduction to Vadasi while channeling.
  • N/A:Can chain to multiple enemies/allies.


[RMB] Smite Cast a fiery projectile. Uses an orb to deliver ongoing burn damage.
  • N/A: Adds knockback at low range.
Divine wind

Divine Wind

[Q] Divine Wind Heal yourself. Uses all orbs to increase health regeneration.
  • Unknown Upgrades


[E] Devotion Hold down to create up to three orbs, which drain your health until another skill uses them.
  • N/A: Decrease cooldown.
  • N/A: Burns enemies while casting.
Armor of Faith

Armor of Faith

[F] Armor of Faith Become immune to damage for a short time.
  • Unknown Upgrades

Tips and TricksEdit


  • She seems to be based on Hindu Mythology characters.
  • Vadasi's codename was Angel.


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