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Voden HeroShot

Mobility and Trickery

"When the forest-lord Voden goes on a wild hunt, he makes his enemies prey."

Voden is a playable Hero in Gigantic. The Forest Warden is a ranged hero, which uses his bow and poison to take down his enemies. He is one of the first heroes to be released for Gigantic, debuting in the Pre-Alpha.





Upgrade Tier 1

Upgrade Tier 2
[LMB] Arrowed! Shoot an arrow. Hold down to give the arrow extra power.
  • Dead Eye - When powered up, your shots deal extra damage
  • Triple Threat - Fire additional arrows if you power up your shot.
  • Bow Flex - Your shots power up faster.
  • Splintering Arrows - When powered up, inflicts bleeding on hit, even if target is deflecting (8s).

  • Ambush - Powered up shots that hit enemies in the back/side applies Slow (3s).
  • Piercing Arrows - Powered up shots pierce through enemies.
Poison Spores
[RMB] Poison Spores Create a poison cloud. Stand in the cloud to fire poisonous arrows.
  • More Spores - Poison cloud lasts longer (10s) and covers a larger area.
  • Seeking Spores - Your poison cloud flies forward, letting you shoot poison arrows for 4s.
  • Virulence - Poison deals more damage to enemies inside your poison cloud.
  • Contagion - Poisoned enemies infect their allies with poison.

  • Hungry Spores - Your poison cloud moves faster and chases enemies
  • Spore Colony - Your arrows remain poisoned for 6s.
Green Man
Green Man
Create a decoy copy of yourself that shoots at enemies.
  • Companion's Boon - Your decoy deals double damage.
  • A Ways Away - Create your decoy at target location (up to 20m away).
  • Spore Imitation - Your decoy will also fire homing poison clouds at your enemies.
  • Spring to Life - Your decoy will also create healing springs at its feet.

  • Alternate Root - After 3 seconds, [Q] again to swap positions with your decoy (Up to 25m away).
  • Leaf No Trace - On use, you become invisible for 2s.
Hidden Spring
Hidden Spring
A pool of water emerges that enables super jumps and heals you and your allies.
  • Wellspring - Hidden Spring heals for more (+50%).
  • Burst Forth - Slows enemies who enter the spring, launches enemies on start.
  • Spring Cleaning - Spring's size is doubled and removes conditions at start.
  • Geyser - When you use Hidden Spring, target ally is also healed.

  • Muddy Waters - Enemies caught in the initial burst are slowed more and take damage.
  • Bounty - Hidden Spring lasts longer (+4s).
Natural Roots
[F] Natural Roots Immobilize nearby enemies for a short time.
  • Nature's Wrath - Also breaks target's armor.
  • Renewed Focus - On use, resets all your skill cooldowns.


Level 3 Level 5 Level 7 Level 9

Keen Eye

[LMB] Arrowed has an increased chance to hit.

Tactical Awareness

+10 Back Armor. +10% damage from behind

Calling the Shots

When you debuff a foe, nearby allies gain +10% damage for 5s. (Once per 5s.)

Hero's Might

+10% damage


[RMB] Your poison affects enemies longer.

Pure Escapism

Lose debuffs when you dodge. (Once every 20s.)

Armor of Fellowship

+5 armor, +15 while you are not attacking.

Hero's Vitality

+15% maximum health

Heart of Oak

[Q] Your decoy has double health, and lives longer.

Easy Strider

You move 10% faster and sprinting drains stamina 25% slower.

Another's Keeper

+10% healing power. Gain focus when you buff or heal an ally. (Once oer 5s.)


+33% maximum stamina.

Spring Back

[E] You may Hidden Spring more often.

Summoner's Gift

You summon creatures 2x faster and gain focus when you summon.


Gain 80 HP/s for 4s after each assist or kill.


20% faster focus gain


Gain focus when you summon your decoy [Q] near an enemy

Move On With Your Life

+25% move speed and +75 HP/s for 10s after using Focus.


After using Focus, you and nearby allies gain 1000 HP shield (absorbs 75% damage taken)


For 6s, +75 hp/s and hit reaction immunity after using Focus.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Use Hidden Spring as a good support ability or evasive move. Be careful where you use it though. Use it too early and you may not have the heal or escape you need. Unlike Uncle Sven, your utility is not made up of two moves, so you have to be more tactful in your use of it.
  • Poison Spores is excellent for teamfights to boost the damage of your ranged characters. Characters like HK-206 have excellent synergy with this skill.
  • Green Man is an excellent mind game skill; be creative with it and you will be rewarded!


  • Voden is an ungulate, like deers and goats, but has the flowing tail of a fox.


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