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Xenobia HeroShot

Curses and control

"Her dark magic feeds off her foes’ frustration."

Xenobia is a playable Hero in Gigantic. The Shadow Witch is a ranged hero, using her dark magic and curses to steal her enemies lives. She is one of the first heroes to be released for Gigantic, debuting in the Pre-Alpha.






Gaze Of Envy

Gaze Of Envy

[LMB] Gaze of Envy Hold down to drain enemy's health and heal yourself.
  • Unknown Upgrades
Words Of Spite

Words Of Spite

[RMB] Words of Spite A curse that slows enemy movement and reduces armor.
  • Unknown Upgrades
Wall Of Sorrow

Wall Of Sorrow

[Q] Wall of Sorrow Send a wave that damages and interrupts enemies.
  • Unknown Upgrades
Mark of Dispair

Mark Of Despair

[E] Mark of Despair Create a zone that slows enemy movement and reduces the damage they inflict.
  • Unknown Upgrades
Cursed Soul

Cursed Soul

[F] Cursed Soul The enemy you hit grants health to your allies.
  • Unknown Upgrades

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Although difficult when fighting close to her, Xenobia benefits greatly alongside her allies.


  • Though possibily not related, Xenobia seems to draw some inspiration from the character Ursula that appears in the Disney film "The Little Mermaid".
  • Xenobia seems to derive from the word xenophobia, the unreasoned fear of the unknown or strange.


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